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hot stones for massage

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Trigger Point Therapy

Massage that is aimed at relieving pain in your specified areas by finding "trigger points" that can feel very tender when pressed on. Focus on these points helps relieve muscle issues.

Prenatal Massage

Specialized for pregnant women needing relief from the stress and discomfort pregnancy can oftentimes present. Enjoy our unbeatable pregnancy bolster that makes it possible to finally have that full facedown comfort!

Deep Tissue Massage

For those that can tolerate the deepest levels of pressure. Deep Tissue Massage is a very slow, heavy handed massage often with the use of a lot of forearm and elbow pressure in order to reach underlying muscles.

Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy warm, smooth stones coated with your choice of massage oil as we incorporate them along with our relaxing effluerage gliding massage strokes.

Lymphatic Drainage

A healthy massage that is great for post surgery recovery (approved by doctor for massage), great for swollen areas. Lymphatic massage is slow & rhythmic, using very light pressure.

Swedish Massage

This is a relaxing massage catered to your preferred pressure level (excluding deep tissue). Catered to  any areas you would like more focus on.


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